Sherlynn Gaye Chan Partner


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Practice area

SW Private - Family, SW Private - Family Wealth & Succession Planning, SW Private - MIP Committee Practice

Sherlynn was admitted to practise as a solicitor in Hong Kong in 1993. She joined the firm in 2009.

Sherlynn has extensive experience in handling a wide range of contentious litigation including family, trusts and probate disputes and personal injury. She has acted on behalf of litigants under disability and has been appointed by the High Court as Committee of the estate of mentally incapacitated persons (“MIPs”) under Part II of the Mental Health Ordinance (“MHO”).

Prior to joining the firm, Sherlynn worked in the Legal Aid Department and Official Solicitor’s Office (“OSO”) for over 11 years. During her employment at the OSO, Sherlynn handled numerous MIP committee files and prepared annual accounts to the High Court to reflect a true and accurate picture of the complete financial position of the MIP’s estate.

In addition to being appointed as Committee for the MIPs and managing their property and affairs, Sherlynn has provided legal advice to Committees and interested parties. She also represented applicants in highly contested as well as non-contentious Part II MHO applications.

Sherlynn is an Accredited General and Family Mediator.