25 Aug 2017

Immigration News Update

Trump delays new US visa program

President Trump’s administration has delayed a new US visa program that is designed to allow start-up international entrepreneurs to secure government funding. The program was supposed to be effective on July 2017; however it will be postponed until March 2018, subject to the review of Department of Homeland Security.

Normally, there are three ways for businessmen to enter the US: L1A intra-company transfer Visa, E-2 Treaty Investor visa or EB5 Immigrant investor visa. Nevertheless, not everyone can fulfill those criteria; some Indian or Chinese nationals cannot obtain either an E1 or E2 visa, and the new visa program was said to improve the chances of acquiring an investor visa and benefit the country economically.

A group of US investors and business people have already written to Trump to urge him to commence the new visa program, since entrepreneurs’ immigrant plays an important role in creating more job opportunities in the US.