25 Sep 2017

Stevenson, Wong & Co. Attend Official Ceremony of Solicitor Arbitrator Panel at Department Of Justice

On 25 September 2017, SW Partner and Head of Litigation and Dispute Resolution Department Ms. Heidi Chui was invited to attend Arbitration Reception and Seminar hosted by The Law Society of Hong Kong at Justice Place of the Department of Justice. The Official Ceremony of Solicitor Arbitrator Panel was launched during the reception. Ms. Chui was glad to be one of the 24 solicitor arbitrators among ten thousand solicitors in Hong Kong. She also discussed with Secretary for Justice Mr. Rimsky Yuen about the opportunities of One Belt One Road and cultivation of legal talents.

24 Sep 2017

NHFPC’s new policy regarding investment in the medical field

Under the Foreign Investment Catalogue Guide (Revision 2017), foreign investment in medical institutions is always highly restricted. In China, Medical institutions can only be established in the form of an equity joint venture or cooperative joint venture. Besides, foreign investors may face operational difficulties due to a strict and time-consuming approval procedure.