11 Oct 2017

Immigration Law Update

UK Home Office makes enormous profits from immigrants
The UK Home Office has been accused of rejecting UK visa applications based on technicalities and forcing visa applicants to reapply in order to increase profits. The UK may have the highest visa fees in the world. It is estimated that the Home Office is making an 800 % profit from some UK visa applications.

For example, the application fee for indefinite leave to enter or remain has been set at £2,297; however the actual cost to process an application is only about £252. This shows a great discrepancy between how much it costs the government to process the application and the fee it charges the applicant.

Not only is the fee higher, the Home Office has even started to introduce a new charge of £5.48 for anyone contacting UK Visas and Immigration from overseas by email.

The Home Office response to the backlash is that the approach is “only right and fair”, since it ensures that those who benefit directly from the UK visa system contribute to it appropriately.

In order to avoid mistakes on technicalities and resubmission, visa applicants should therefore consider employing professionals to apply for their visas on their behalf.

(Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/home-office-immigration-costs-government-huge-profits-underfunded-theresa-may-a7944206.html)