19 Nov 2016

SW partners attended forum on financial innovation and celebration gala in Chongqing

On 19 November 2016, our partners Mr Eric Lui and Mr Stephen Wong attended a Forum on Financial Innovation under the Economic New Normal hosted by the Chongqing office of AllBright Law Offices, and a gala dinner organised by the same to celebrate the 5th anniversary of its establishment. The events took place at Sheraton Chongqing Hotel.

“Economic new normal” refers to the transition of China’s economy from a rapid-growth model to one of moderate growth which emphasises on the importance of sustainable development to cope with the global economic slowdown. Guest speakers at the Forum shared their views on several aspects of China’s economic new normal, where Professor Tang Ke of Tsinghua University delivered a talk on financial derivatives and risk control, and Professor Zhai Lihong of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics put forward his opinion on features and development trends on the new financial markets. Mr Andrew Sheng of AllBright Law Offices talked about the establishment of a permit system for regulating private funds. Hundreds of members from the legal, financial and business industries attended the Forum.

Our firm has a strategic association with AllBright Law Offices, a leading full-service law firm headquartered in Shanghai and ranked the fourth largest in Asia by number of lawyers.

Please contact our Mr Eric Lui or Mr Stephen Wong for any enquiries or further information about these events.