19 Nov 2018

Stevenson, Wong & Co. Partner Ms. Catherine Por Attended Evaluative Mediation Training

The head of our Private Client Department, Ms. Catherine Por, attended an Evaluative Mediation Training Course organized by The Hong Kong Academy of Law between 16, 17 and 18 November 2018. The Course was presented by Professor John Wade, the Emeritus Professor of Law of Bond University, Australia.

Professor Wade is a well-respected mediator, trainer and academic in the field of mediation. Although Professor Wade has previously taught many mediation courses in Hong Kong, this was the first course on Evaluative Mediation. It was recognized by the participants that even the definition of “Evaluative Mediation” was a challenging topic. An accepted description is that it is a process whereby parties to a dispute attempt to negotiate an acceptable solution with the assistance, ideas and advice from an Evaluative Mediator. This is seen to be distinguishable from Facilitative Mediation in that the mediator, in an evaluative mediation, actually provides advice, opinions and recommendations as to the outcome of the dispute.

There is clearly an interest in Hong Kong in the broadening of mediation as an alternative process in dispute resolution. Catherine Por was very pleased to have participated in this potential new initiative for Hong Kong.

In 2009, the Department of Justice launched a campaign called “Mediate First Pledge” to promote the use of mediation to resolve disputes in Hong Kong. Stevenson, Wong & Co. signed the Mediate First Pledge and is committed to first exploring the use of mediation in resolving disputes. In May of this year, the Department of Justice organized Mediation Week 2018. The theme was “Mediate First-Exploring New Horizons”. It sought to look ahead at future developments including online dispute resolution and the use of mediation in resolving international commercial disputes.

Should you have any queries in connection with mediation, please contact Ms. Catherine Por.