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29 Nov 2014

Immigration News Update

Caribbean Island Nation names Robert DeNiro as envoy

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda has named Mr. Robert DeNiro, the American actor, as special economic envoy for the twin-island state.

21 Nov 2014

Immigration News Update

European Court ruling on unemployment benefits

The European Court of Justice recently ruled that a Romanian woman who had emigrated to Germany was not entitled to unemployment benefits because she had made no effort to find a job. This ruling could have implications in that richer countries can limit access to welfare benefits for citizens from poorer ones within European Union (“EU”).

17 Oct 2014

Immigration News Update

Premium Investor Visa of Australia

The Minister for Trade and Investment of Australia has announced that Australia will roll out a new investment immigration scheme known as Premium Investor Visa (“PIV”). The scheme is expected to be effective after July 2015. The required minimum investment level is at AUD15 million per main applicant and after 12 months from the date of an approved application, the applicant may receive permanent residence status.