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26 Nov 2015

Immigration News Update

In 2011, an annual limit of 20,700 visa grants was introduced by the UK government to restrict the number of non-EU migrants working in the UK under Tier 2 visas. UK firms did not encounter problems in the first four years until 11 June 2015, where the cap was exceeded for the first time .

25 Nov 2015

Immigration News Update

In light of the announcement of new contract proposals for NHS staff by the UK Health secretary – Jeremy Hunt, 3,468 UK doctors applied for permission from the General Medical Council (GMC) for certificates to practice abroad.

16 Nov 2015

Immigration News Update

In the wake of the terrorists’ attacks in Paris, the Hong Kong Immigration Department announced on 16 November 2015 that French visitors in Hong Kong affected by this incident can apply for an extension of stay if they wish to remain in Hong Kong. The Department also stated that special attention will be given to these applications and most would be approved on the same day. The department has also informed the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong of this arrangement.