28 Jul 2016

SW Partner acted as MC in Law Society’s Members’ Forum and Dinner Gathering

SW partner, Ms. Heidi Chui, acted as the master of ceremonies in the Members’ Forum and Dinner Gathering co-organized by the Standing Committee on Member Services and Member Benefit Committee of the Law Society of Hong Kong (“the Law Society”) held at Sports Club on 28 July 2016.

Members’ Forum is an annual event serving as a platform for members of the Law Society to mingle and discuss the latest hot topics in legal profession.

The theme of this year’s Members’ Forum is “Best Uses of Technology in the Legal Practice”. Participants were invited to submit suggestions on this topic. The member who made the best suggestion on the topic was given a grand prize, namely, the Parrot Bebop 2 with Parrot Black SkyController, a set of latest unmanned aircraft systems.

In response to the theme of the Members’ Forum facilitating members to better use of technology, members of the Technology Committee of the Law Society introduced some useful apps to participants in the Forum, namely, Law Society’s App, Disconnect Secure Wireless and Samsung MyKnox.

From left to right: Council Member Nick Chan, MCs Ms. Heidi Chui and Mr. Alan Chiu, Council Member Mr. Roden Tong

The Members’ Forum was well attended by members of the Law Society.

Please contact our Ms. Heidi Chui for any enquiries or further information about this event.