28 Oct 2016

Partner of Stevenson, Wong & Co. spoke at the Forum on the Development of Commercial Litigation and Arbitration

On 28 October 2016, our Partner Mr. Stephen Wong together with our Public Relations Manager Ms. Yo Yo Fang, attended a forum in Tianjin on the development of commercial litigation and arbitration under the new economic environment. The forum was jointly held by AllBright Law Office (Shanghai), AllBright Law Office (Tianjin), Stevenson, Wong & Co. and Tianjin Arbitration Commission.

Mr. Wong spoke on the topic of international dispute resolution. He discussed the existing arbitration rules in Hong Kong and commented on how business enterprises could make the most of arbitration in resolving disputes. Mr. Wong also explained the possible legal challenges which may be faced by Chinese enterprises under the current “Go Out” policy adopted by the Chinese government.

Please contact our Mr. Eric Lui or Mr. Stephen Wong for any enquiries or further information about this event.