21 Mar 2017

SW engaged in Ideal BMI Disease Prevention Project

This month, Stevenson, Wong & Co. cooperated with Hospital Authority to organise a series of talks and workshops for “Ideal BMI Disease Prevention Project” to raise staff awareness of weight management.

The project comprised a series of activities including interactive workshops and health check sessions held at the office of Stevenson, Wong & Co. More than 20 staff attended the weekly workshops on different topics ranging from healthy diet, health food products, nutrition labelling to simple healthy exercises. Delivered by a registered dietitian, the workshops also gave some suggestions about the consumption of health food products.

In addition, participants learned the importance of sports and exercise from a registered exercise professional from Hong Kong Council of Early Childhood Education and Services by enjoying a brief lesson of simple exercises suitable for both the office and home environment.

In the last session, each participant enjoyed an individual health check assessment for their own body measurement and weight with analysis given by the registered dietitian.

Stevenson, Wong & Co. has always put an enormous effort into improving the well-being of staff by holding different types of seminars and activities. If you have any enquiries about this event, please contact our Ms. Vivian Lo for more details.