9 Mar 2018

Stevenson, Wong & Co. “Grease” Theme Spring Dinner 2018

Stevenson, Wong & Co. Spring Dinner was successfully held at The World Trade Centre Club on 9 March 2018. This year’s theme was “Grease”, Stevenson, Wong & Co. can be just like Grease, being able to stand up to the test of time and never losing its relevance and appeal to people of all ages.


It was our pleasure to have several senior partners from AllBright Law Offices including Mr. Wu Mingde, and representatives from AllBright (Guangzhou Office) Mr. Wu Xin, Mr. Yang Sheng Hua and Mr. Hollis Chen to celebrate the start of the Year of Dog with our colleagues from Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Our Partners, Mr. Willy Cheng, Mr. Hank Lo and Ms. Catherine Por took the opportunity to express their gratitude to all staff for their hard work and contribution throughout the year and delivering high quality legal services to our clients.

Managing Director of AllBright Law Office, Mr. Wu Mingde delivered his speech acknowledging the collaboration between AllBright and Stevenson, Wong & Co. and he hoped to enhance the connection so as to achieve further success. It was a memorable night packed with delicious Chinese cuisine, singing and dancing performances, interactive games and exciting lucky draws.

Mr. Willy Cheng delivered his speech

Mr. Hank Lo delivered his speech

Ms. Catherine Por delivered her speech

Managing Director of AllBright Law Office, Mr. Wu Mingde delivered his speech

Stevenson, Wong & Co. is celebrating its 40th Anniversary. Mr. Cheng took the opportunity to present awards to staff who have worked for more than 10 years and 20 years in the firm.

Our Partners drew prizes for the lucky draw

Exciting games!!!

Brilliant performance!!!