11 Dec 2014

Immigration News Update

Canada halts visa-free policy for St. Kitts passport holders

In November 2014, the Canadian government changed its visa-free entry policy for St. Kitts passport holders. The change in the policy is thought to be related to security concerns raised by Department of the Treasury of the United States in May 2014 on travellers evading US or international sanctions. However, this has caused disturbance to the usual travel routines for “astronaut” fathers. These fathers have work mostly based in other countries while their wives and children live in Canada. They often hold St. Kitts passports for the ease of entry into Canada. The recent halt of the visa-free policy has certainly affected the travel arrangements of the fathers in this situation.

(Source: http://www.scmp.com/comment/blogs/article/1659290/trouble-paradise-chinese-astronaut-dads-caught-st-kitts-passport)