25 Sep 2015

Mr Neville Watkins, Partner of Stevenson, Wong & Co., published the Hong Kong chapter in The Aviation Law Review

The Hong Kong Chapter in The Aviation Law Review (Third Edition), which was published in September 2015, is authored by SW’s experienced aviation law practitioner, Mr Neville Watkins, partner.

The Chapter is an update of the previous edition published in July 2014, co-authored by Mr Watkins and Mr Simon Tong, assistant solicitor.

The Chapter provides an up-to-date review of the major legislation governing aviation activities in Hong Kong, such as the Civil Aviation Ordinance (Cap. 448), Aviation Security Ordinance (Cap.494) and the Airport Authority Ordinance (Cap.483) and also the impact on the manner of provision of services to consumers and restrictions on anti-competitive conduct in the aviation field brought about by the Trade Descriptions Ordinance (Cap.362) and the Competition Ordinance (Cap.619). The Chapter also looks at international conventions implemented in Hong Kong which enhances consumer protection.

Readers can gain a clear overview of aviation law in Hong Kong, including the regulatory framework, licensing of operations and aviation liabilities.

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