31 May 2018

Stevenson, Wong & Co. assisted Amuse Group Holding Limited (08545) in its successful listing on HKEx

SW acted as the legal advisers to Amuse Group Holding Limited (08545) (“Amuse”) in the successful listing of Amuse on the GEM of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the “Stock Exchange”).

The shares of Amuse were listed on the Stock Exchange on 31 May 2018. 250 million shares were offered, among which 175 million were offered for placing and 75 million for subscription by the public. The final offer price was HK$0.35 per offer share and the net proceeds amounted to approximately HK$58.8million.

Amuse is a Hong Kong based toy company which carries out design, marketing, distribution and retail sales of toys and related products. Its product portfolio include (i) a variety of premium and general class figures based on popular third party owned ACG characters; and (ii) other related products such as pens and hair ties. Its ACG figures, primarily targeted at adult consumers, can generally pose in various positions and gestures with movable joints and accessories.

Please contact our Mr. Hank Lo and Ms. Erica Cheng for any enquiries or further information about this transaction.