21 Dec 2018

Stevenson, Wong & Co. Signed the Mediate First Pledge

A “Mediate First” Pledge campaign was launched in May 2009 with more than 460 companies and trade organisations pledging to consider the use of mediation first before resorting to other means of dispute resolution. Stevenson, Wong & Co. was one of the first organizations to sign the “Mediate First” Pledge. We are committed to first explore the use of mediation in resolving disputes.

In May of this year, the Department of Justice organized Mediation Week 2018. The theme was “Mediate First-Exploring New Horizons”. It sought to look ahead at future developments including online dispute resolution and the use of mediation in resolving international commercial disputes.

There are 3 accredited Mediators in our firm. Ms. Catherine Por and Ms. Sherlynn Chan are Accredited Family Mediators. Ms. Heidi Chui is an accredited mediator of Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, The Law Society of Hong Kong and a Panel Mediator for Buildings Management Cases of the Lands Tribunal.

Should you have any queries in connection with mediation, please contact Ms. Catherine Por.