28 Jun 2019

Stevenson, Wong & Co. Participated in “Life Buddies Scheme” – Job Tasting Programme 2019

Between 27-28 June 2019, Stevenson, Wong & Co. participated in the “Life Buddies Scheme” – Job Tasting Programme. The scheme was launched by The Commission on Poverty in October 2015 to promote a mentoring culture in the community to help youths from disadvantaged backgrounds to move upward in society and thereby reducing intergenerational poverty.

During the two-day programme, participants performed research and handled tasks relating to different cases studies including, a presentation about the recent protests and current affairs in Hong Kong. Our partners Ms. Catherine Por and Ms. Lai Lam also gave advice and encouraged the participants to be confident and work hard so as to achieve their dreams. “We now have a better understanding about a law firm and the role of a lawyer. We are happy to have joined this programme.”

Stevenson, Wong & Co. are always happy to support activities relating to the youth so as to help them improve their life skills, enhance their exposure, engage in education, training and development so as to achieve their career goals.

Please contact Ms. Catherine Por or Ms. Lai Lam for any enquiries for further information about this event.