9 Sep 2021

Partner Gordon Tsang Invited by Central China International to Speak on Hong Kong and US IPOs

On 8 September 2021, our Partner Mr. Gordon Tsang, Senior Manager of Commercial and Corporate Finance Department, Dr. Rain Huang, and Paralegal Mr. Arthur Hung were invited to share the rules and regulations of Hong Kong and US IPOs to the directors and senior management of Central China International Capital Limited (Central China Intl).

From the left: Central China Intl’s Director, Mr. Clifford Chan; Paralegal Mr. Arthur Hung, Senior Manager Dr. Rain Huang; Partner Mr. Gordon Tsang; Central China Intl’s President, Mr. Billy Cheung; Associate Director, Ms. Jessica Chan

Gordon gave a comprehensive introduction to Hong Kong IPO’s listing rules and practices by sharing the latest updates of listing requirements, the reorganisation of Red-Chips listing, H-shares listing, trust arrangements, and VIE structures. He also compared the pros and cons of listings in Hong Kong and the United States.

Please contact Mr. Gordon Tsang for any enquiries or further information.