24 Oct 2014

Presentation at Allbright Law Offices

Stevenson, Wong & Co. presented at AllBright Law Offices on arbitration and cross-border litigation

On 24 October 2014, SW partners Mr. Eric Lui, Ms. Heidi Chui and associate Ms. Jennifer Li delivered a presentation to around 50 PRC lawyers at AllBright Law Offices on the topic of “Arbitration and Cross-border Litigation”.

SW delivered a detailed presentation on the use of arbitration and cross border litigation in relation to banking disputes, shareholders’ disputes, white collar crimes and commercial fraud. Topics such as enforcement of Hong Kong judgments in the mainland China and cross-border tracing of property were also covered. The presentation also included case studies which provided the audience with a clear and precise demonstration on how rights of corporations can be protected through litigation and arbitration in Hong Kong.

Please contact our Eric Lui or Heidi Chui for any enquiries or further information about this event.